Samtal med cykelgurun Doru Oprisan

January 23, 2023 — mambona bojang
Årets bästa cykelläsning

Årets bästa cykelläsning

January 09, 2023 — mambona bojang
Vi tror på cykeln

We believe in the bicycle

Cycling is the solution to your problems! Do you want to cut your CO2 emissions? Do you want to quickly get better health and finances? Do you want to avoid the stress of sitting in long queues or waiting for the bus that never comes? Get a bike and start riding!

In addition, you will have fun when you get to work, go shopping or pick up the kids from daycare. With the bicycle you get new experiences and discover places and environments that you would never have seen otherwise. And if you want extra fun, get a nice bike that makes cycling even more fun.

The next step will perhaps be a cycling trip in nature, a longer cycling holiday or an exercise trip with friends. A good bike can work for everything! For example, traveling by bicycle is the best way to be able to freely choose your route, meet people and discover our beautiful world.

And if you want to take one more step and give your children an even better world to live in, you can ignore the wear and tear and get a used bike. Many older bikes are of high quality, worn parts can be replaced and the frame and fork repainted. That way you get a unique and cool retro bike.

Cykelmecken is no ordinary bicycle dealer. We recycle bicycles and bicycle parts of high quality. We repair, blast and powder coat. We add better components and the result is custom bikes that are both better and prettier than the original.

We also help you with repairs and service of all kinds of bicycles. Cykelmecken is a service partner to Rawbike and has extensive experience with electric bicycles. And the coolest of all: if you want a new color on your bike, you can get help from us with both blasting and powder coating.

November 23, 2022 — mambona bojang