In our blasting/painting department, we first treat the surfaces to be painted in our blast cabinet where we work with 3 types of material - sand, glass and bicarbonate - depending on what we are blasting.

Next, we heat the thing to be painted to 200 degrees to get a completely clean surface and for the color powder we spray on to adhere properly.

We then bake off each layer for 20 minutes, the most common being 3 layers where the last layer is clear lacquer to get a strong and durable surface with a high gloss.

in our range of powder coatings, we have everything from simpler single-tone colors to deep candy coats with the possibility of fades in different shades.


*Painting empty frame 2500:-

*Painting frame + assembly 3500:-

*Painting control. 495:-

*Painting fork 650:-

*Painting luggage rack. 595:-

*Painting seat post. 395:-

*Painting steering stem. 395:-

*Painting splash guard 495:-

*Painting brake grip. 395:-

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